Will Structured Water Help with my Hard Well Water and Calcium Build Up?

Updated on March 29, 2022

In the case of hard well water, calcium is usually what makes the water so hard. Structured water has a greater ability to dissolve elements into solution, with calcium being one of the hardest to dissolve in water that is not structured.

Mineral content in water is different by region and even from home to home which means there are a great variety of answers to the question about how structuring impacts hard water. We continue to receive information from customers that supports the idea that  Whole House Aqua Energizer™ devices, create softer water and there is less buildup on the appliances. Because the calcium is actually better dissolved within the water, it easier for water to carry the calcium through pipes and wash away easier.

To listen to a conversation from one of our recent customers in Lubbock Texas click here.


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