Nano Soma, Metasomer and other policosanol based supplements

Updated on March 29, 2022

Nano Soma and Metasomer are made from ingredients that are classified as ‘Generally Regarded As Safe’ and all of the ingredients are edible.

Our understanding is policosanol is a missing ingredient from food that used to be there and can now be added by supplementation. The degree of addition is a subjective matter and one for which we cannot offer an opinion, and for which we are obligated to point out that this is not medical advice and recommend you seek your doctor for medical advice.

It is important to understand that policosanol based supplements are quite readily available. None of them are anything like Nano Soma, and companion product, Metasomer.

Nano Soma is a nanoemulsion of policosanol and Dr. Raghavan has stabilized the particle at less than 60 nanometers which means that when it enters the body it enters the cells of the body which triggers the cells to “wake up” and begin bringing the body back into health balance.

Please read and familiarize yourself with the patent claims of Metadichol (Nano Soma) that can be found on the Nano Soma website.



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