What is the Flow-Through for the Aqua Energizers™ and PSI Rating?

Updated on March 29, 2022

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PSI Rating

All the Aqua Energizers are rated for water pressure up to 80 psi.

Flow-through Rates

The Garden, Shower, Under Sink, and Quick Connect devices have a flow-through rate equal to a .6018 inch pipe.

The Whole House device has a flow-through rate equivalent to a 1.23 inch pipe.

Structured Water Property Retention

According to other structured water producers we’ve encountered, structured water properties’ retention is a function of the travel distance AND the angles it travels.

Water starts to destructure at 45 and 90 degree angles and will degrade as it passes through more angles.

Testing our Aqua Energizer unit, the inventor ran it through seven 90 degree angles under 120 psi, high pressure and it maintained structure.

For each 90 degree angle the psi will be reduced by one, and one psi for each 100 feet.

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