How Does Structured Water Charge Water Electrically?

Updated on March 29, 2022

The most important characteristic of water and hydration is electric charge.  We accumulate toxins because of the lack of electrical energy flow. Real hydration is not more drinking, it is getting water with charge into your cells. That means restoring the original electrical charge of Nature, that’s real hydration: water conducting electricity. You can restore water with electrical charge into your body using a Structured Water device.

Structure is destroyed, torn or diminished, by the way we treat our water.  Tap, bottled and filtered water has little to no charge or structure left after the way it is treated.  Processed through chemical treatment plants and pressurized through narrow pipes, or growing stale and de-oxygenated sitting on shelves, water loses charge.  Filters do not fix this damage. They remove contaminants to varying degrees, depending on the filter, but they also can remove the electrical charge, the very fuel or energy of water.  For that reason, it’s important that even if you use a chemistry based filter, you also use a Structured water device!

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