Aqua Energizers™ are Handmade Products with Diverse Design Outcomes

Updated on March 29, 2022

Each AQUA ENERGIZER™ is handcrafted to bring you the best form of energized and hydrating water possible. It is like an unreplicable piece of art. Thus, each device is unique with imperfect design outcomes that are a result of the devices being hand-assembled with all-natural materials.

There are often slight variations in colors between devices depending on the particular batch produced. The different colors and patterns on each batch are illustrated by nature at the time of creating the outer coating, or Ormus. This is part of the unique process of making your device. The color of the Ormus has no effect on how the device structures your water, rather it has the imprint of Nature to enhance the mineralization of your water.

The natural materials used by the inventor of the AQUA ENERGIZER to create the Ormus are meant to imprint the trace mineral frequencies they contain into the water as the water passes through the device. The beautiful coating is like the Dr. Emoto images you’ve most likely seen. According to Dr. Emoto, everything that exists has an energy frequency that can be carried in water, which is why the Aqua Energizer only uses natural components in its design. Because of this, if the Aqua Energizer hits a hard surface, it can chip, but this does not affect the function of the device at all. It will still structure and energize water as it was created to do.

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