Cosmic Tower / EES Comparison

Updated on November 16, 2023

How does the Cosmic Tower compare to Sandra Rose Michael’s Energy Enhancement System (EES or EE System)?

  • Both the Cosmic Tower (CT) and EES create beneficial scalar waves, but the CT does so by using water and Nature’s Principles vs. using man-made technology, which has a lot of advantages:
– The CT does not produce Electrosmog in its creation of scalar waves, where man-made technology often does, unless corrected for. The use of LED/LCD’s, Electronic Components, the power grid, etc results in the creation of detrimental secondary non-electromagnetic compression waves that create and increase electrosmog. Electrosmog is the main cause of electro-sensitivity, which is why shielding of just EMR does not provide relief for people that are sensitive. So while people get benefits from the EES, they are potentially also exposed to detrimental energies from electrosmog and so is the environment.
– Electronic Components fail over time, the CT keeps running unless it is physically damaged
– No complex installation or maintenance needed for the CT’s
    • The CT’s field contains the full spectrum of subtle energies beneficial to life, including the higher octaves/overtones, because it does not have the limitations of man-made components e.g. LED/LCD’s, etc
  • The CT’s are connected to higher dimensions and cannot be used to harm life. Man-made scalar wave technologies can be used for good or bad, depending on human intent
  • The CT’s because of their connection to higher realms continuously guide and support people in their spiritual evolution
  • The CT’s are a holistic approach, tackling the root cause of our problems with EMF and other detrimental energies e.g. geopathic stress, radioactivity,… , by reducing these energies in large areas and support all life and nature
    • The CT’s are a much more gentle, yet more powerful energy. Large towers are able to positively affect and support life in areas over 625 miles in diameter
  • The CT’s don’t operate on an island, but are connected in one large network, so large towers can support small towers
  • The CT’s are much more affordable than the EES systems. The small CT’s are affordable to most people, creating a harmonious environment at home

In our opinion the CT’s can greatly complement the EES, by taking care of the detrimental secondary waves created by electronics and creating a harmonious field around the EES which benefits all life.

Also, after people use the EES they return to their home and are exposed to detrimental energies again, so they lose some of the benefits they received from their EES sessions.

When people have a CT at home they are protected and can continue to improve between sessions. We have quite a few CT owners that noticed the benefits of the EES would wear off after a while, but are happy to be supported now in between sessions with a CT at their home. Having a CT in one’s home also clears potential detrimental grid energies, while also clearing,structuring and re-energizing the water, food and air in the home and around it. This creates a harmonious environment in and around the home, supporting the health of plants, animals and humans.

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