What are the Differences Between Ozone Water and Hydrogen Water with Structured Water?

Updated on March 29, 2022

Gina Bria from the Hydration Foundation, one of the world’s foremost experts on hydration, says:

“Think of ozone and hydrogen water as additional therapeutic approaches above and beyond hydration. I say this because these techniques, ozone and hydrogen, add extra molecules to the water molecules.  So they are not basic hydration, but therapeutic additions. I think they are great for adding therapy to your life if you have chronic stresses but don’t use them for just drinking.  I worry they can be overused under that concept.”

We at The Wellness Enterprise are believers that nature is the ultimate source of our energy and wellbeing and that man distorts nature in the name of progress which in most cases is really the name of profits rather than progress. Nature already got water just right and that water is structured. The structured water devices we offer make nature’s water in the closest way we know. The system you ask about is a man made adaptation to water. While we don’t doubt the current list of growing fans of hydrogen water, we are not interested in being part of a fad. Brilliant people will never stop coming up with their own version of water and we’ll just continue to kick it old school by following nature with structured water.

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