Why Might I want a Chemistry Based Filter to Complement my Structured Water Device?

Updated on March 29, 2022

Structured Water devices are not chemistry-based filters. Some people want to add a filter along with a structuring unit because either it gives them more peace of mind that they’re drinking truly safe water, they want to supplement the minerals in the water, or they want to improve the taste of their local water.

In some locations people do need to remove excess levels of certain minerals from the water just because of the nature of the local water, so a filter is very useful for that. This is a personal choice depending on the needs and beliefs of the customer. In most cases, the structured water devices can be used on their own with confidence.

You can see all our options for chemistry-based filters in the shop.

The Wellness Enterprise also offers the Jivara Mountain Spring, a formula for customers to combine chemistry and physics-based filters along with minerals.

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