Say More about the Copper in the Aqua Energizers™ Certified Structured Water Devices

Updated on March 29, 2022

The amount of copper which might be dissolved in water while passing through copper pipes is in the parts per billion. Copper is used internationally as the gold standard for pumping due to its safety. This is a result of the low toxicity of copper to humans and its high toxicity to human pathogens. We have chosen copper for our device housing in order to meet the highest standard for plumbing materials internationally.

In an effort to further understand this position and check our work, we consulted with one of the world’s foremost experts in copper, Morley Robbins of the Root Cause Protocol.  Mr. Robbins assured us not only of the safety of our devices, but also of the grave misunderstanding of copper toxicity by the public.  Mr. Robbins publishes extensive information on the importance of copper in energy creation and exhaust removal in the human body.  For further information, we highly recommend visiting his site:  Root Cause Protocol

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