Do I need a Water Filter if I Have a Structured Water Device?

Updated on October 19, 2022

The answer is, it depends. Filters are found everywhere in nature. Water itself is a filter. Water, in fact, is known as the universal solvent. As water shifts through its spectrum of states or phases, from vapor to liquid to gel to ice, each of these transformative states filters out different kinds or sizes of particles so that by the time water reaches its ice stage it’s crystal clear.

There are 3 decisions to make when choosing a water solution. They are about toxins, minerals and energy (or physics / structure)
There are two types of solutions: chemistry and physics.
We gained our knowledge while working with chemistry solutions and then evolved to physics when we understood the advantages. We emphasize physics solutions and are agnostic about what you choose as long as it is the best for you and your confidence.
Physics solutions are energy solutions that transform. As such they work often, but not always the same way. What I would do in most places is install an Aqua Energizer whole house device and watch what happens for 60 days.
Best case scenario: You love your water like never before. It feels soft, tastes great and you immerse in it more. Your minerals either don’t aggregate on your fixtures and what not, or if they do, they are easy to clean off. You never have another expense.
Worst case scenario: You like your water more, drink more and still feel something is missing. At that point you can choose what chemistry based solution might be a best option for you.
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